The 'Just a mom' Myth

I was reading a post from a lovely mother on IG the other day and she said, after returning to work after a few years, "I am no longer just a mom!"

I immediately felt a rush of sadness come over me -- understanding that she had been taught her whole life, from media, school, and society as a whole, that motherhood was a secondary placement for those who couldn't make it in the 'real world'. That the raising of children is less important than, well, just about anything else you can do to bring home the bacon.  It wasn't her fault that she felt that way.  The world had told her that her value rested on what she can do 'outside' the home, because the work 'inside' made her, well, less.

I call bull$#!%.

Our world today has not made it easy to be a mom.  Especially if you're.....'just a mom'.  The details of our lives are as varied as the sands of the sea. Everyone has different circumstances that they live under.  Sometimes we are called to do other things, either instead of, or on top of motherhood. Sometimes we lose ourselves being 'just a mom'.  Regardless of our circumstances, as women, we are worthy and divine no matter what we do.  Including being a Mom.

In our marriage, we've worked it out that the hubs works in order to enable me to stay home to raise our children, our most prized possessions. He understands that his divine role as a provider is there to enable me to enact and support my divine role, as a mother. Both roles are necessary when you have a child.  Both roles are equally important and vital to the enhancement of civilization--the moral upbringing of the next generation.  While a man can raise children and a woman can work, the point is that both positions are necessary, worthy choices -- and should never be diminished, put down, or made out to be unequal to the other.  

I hope to never hear another woman refer to herself as 'just a mother' ~ to never see the hardship and weight that her sacrifice bears upon her added upon by the thoughtless and irrational judgement of others. There is no such thing as 'JUST a mom'. 'Mom' is a place of honor and divinity. While I wish for the world to embrace this once again, I, for one, will not wait for them. But I can remind YOU. And you can remind those around you. Together we can remember, along with those more eloquent than me, the beauty, wonder and urgency of being Mother. 



“Because I feel that, in the Heavens above / The angels, whispering to one another, / Can find, among their burning terms of love / None so devotional as that of ‘Mother’” – Edgar Allen Poe