Days for Girls ~ September's Charity of the month

I.LOVE.THIS.CHARITY!!  Days for Girls is an organization that provides reusable menstrual pads to girls in developing countries who, without them, would stay in their rooms and miss valuable life and class time -- severely limiting them in their education, and therefore, their future ability to care for themselves.  

Days for Girls gives these beautiful girls BACK the days they are missing, and therefore, helping them to have equal opportunities to others around them.  They do this by making reusable menstrual pads for free distribution as well as teaching menstrual health education -- eliminating the stigma around periods and emboldening these girls in their ability to live a life of dignity! 

Lavender and Shan will be donating 10% of every order to Days for Girls in the month of September to help in this worthy cause--helping girls around the world have a better chance of living life like a boss!

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